Summer Changes

Summer is coming to an end and it's crazy to think about how quickly time has flown by this year. There's been so many changes in our lives this summer. Professional, personal, making changes on our home, how we photograph and edit, changing up our fitness. As C.S. Lewis tells us, there are far better things ahead than any we leave behind. And I'm so excited for all the things to come. Hope you guys are making the most of your summer, embracing the changes, and moving toward greater, better things.

MSA Ford F-350

I recently got invited to shoot a truck, built by Motorsports Authority. This truck was displayed in one of the largest car shows and gathering of businesses in the world, SEMA, which stands for Specialty Equipment Market Association. This is an event were the whole automotive industry shows their upcoming products and innovations for the next year. I was very excited to have the opportunity to photograph this, being that Arkansas is such a small fish in a big pond. This Ford F-350 Super Duty has custom paint that they hand textured to look and feel like brushed aluminum as well as many cool external features. They even added an air suspension to raise and lower it, and it looks good maxed out either direction! I am very much looking forward to future creations from this local shop!!

William's Family

Remember the William's Family? This is our second time shooting them, and it seems to get more fun each time! We got to meet some of their extended family members this time, including Piper's adorable little cousin! It was so cute seeing them interact with one another and especially their grandma!

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