Scion Box

Scion xB, lovingly referred to as a box. I can honestly say that this one is not your average box. With an air bag suspension it can be raised and lowered whenever the driver sees fit. Gold wheels that CONTRAST nicely against the purple paint. Also, that ridiculous Japanese style (bosozoku) exhaust sticking out of the back adds that extra touch of individuality.

Behind the Camera

It’s not very often that I can convince Heath to step out from behind the camera lens. His hesitancy is completely unfounded simply because the camera loves him. Almost as much as I do :) Recently I went through old photos from our early years together, and I couldn't help but notice that Heath has only gotten more handsome as time has gone on. Hello, jackpot. We’ve had seven wonderful years together so far, and I’m reminded so often how lucky I am. Ladies, make sure you force your hubbies in front of the camera once in a while, they’ll thank you later :)


In June, I got to photograph the newest addition to the Glover family, Shiloh McKenna. This baby girl was just three days old and as adorable as could be! My favorite part about the shoot was getting to see the beginning of Rain’s new role as a big sister. Rain was so gentle and sweet with Shiloh. These two beautiful girls make one picture perfect family. Congrats Micah and Michaela on your precious family :)

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