This past weekend, Heath and I attended an Instameet at Mugs Café in North Little Rock. Although there had been a few of these meets before, this was our first time. Not only was the warmest, sunniest day of the year thus far, it was also the perfect opportunity to play with our new 35mm!

It was such an awesome experience getting to meet so many friendly, creative people from Arkansas and nearby states! From Mugs, we made our way down Main Street and explored the riverfront. Can’t tell you wonderful it is to see Instagram bringing people together in our community! We had a blast.

Winter Blues

Time seems to escape me lately. I've been caught up in the mundanity of full-time work and going to the gym is the only thing keeping me from slipping into full blown winter depression. I haven't shot anything in weeks and haven't had the attention span for editing. Sometimes settling for iPhone photography is as good as it gets, especially when you forget the memory cards to your camera ;)

But I digress.. I can't wait for spring temperatures and colors. So much so that I could care less about the allergy misery that comes with it. I'm ready for long summer days, cold beverages, and driving with the windows down. Just a couple more months.. And then it's farewell to these winter blues

Porsche GT3

The weather is starting to warm up, which can only mean that car season is approaching. To start things off I went to take pictures at a local autocross event. However, the bright yellow Porsche GT3 caught my eye as it was pulling in. So I headed towards it and started taking some pictures. It was parked near other porches as well, but this one definitely had my attention. How could it not? Especially in that color!

I am definitely looking forward to seeing more great cars like this this spring.

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